Street Style: Fashion Fabs & Faux Pas

By Marcela Linton

On the streets is the ultimate place to display your style and personality, but unfortunately street fashion happens to be the most difficult thing to get right.  Think about it.  You know what office attire is.  You basically know what to wear to a special event such as a wedding, your parents' 40th wedding anniversary party or prom.  You definitely know what to wear to go to the gym, the beach or to go skiing.  In each of these situations, there are clothing guidelines and parameters. For example, you would not wear your workout clothes to a wedding or your swimsuit to the prom right?  If so, high school dances have changed a lot since I went to school.  If you go out with your friends for drinks tonight at the new martini bar, you know you need to wear something maybe a little tight, a little revealing, maybe it’s your go-to little black dress or maybe it’s in a more eye-popping color, and very high heels.  But what do you wear when you’re just out and about the town?  The parameters are definitely less constricting and the possible outfit choices are endless, which is why street style intrigues me so.  But make no mistake- there are limits, nonetheless.  Let’s take a stroll together and check out the fashion fabs and faux pas of the past month.


Fashion Faux Pas

I don’t even know your name, call me psychic, but something tells me you’re a Simpsons fan.  The outfit would have been passable if there was only one headshot of Bart, but all over the skirt and top is just plain ridiculous.  Better yet, let’s leave the cartoon characters for your PJ’s, preferably if you live alone.  And if you are bringing someone over, hide your sleepwear along with your other Simpson’s paraphernalia because you will just freak him out.  Last piece of advice:  Do not mix yellow pieces with red unless your name is Ronald McDonald.


Fashion Fab

I love the mix of casual and elegance in this ensemble.  You have a casual shirt with a classy, intricately patterned skirt, sweet-looking pumps and purse with a delicate chain that hangs off the shoulder.  Adding to the cute casual vibe, you have a black kitty phone case.  The disheveled hair and oversized sunglasses show people that you just threw this outfit together at the last minute, but your well manicured red nails say, I am very polished!  Bravo.


Felony Faux Pas

Where do I begin?  It looks like you, sir, want to get noticed.  I’m thinking that it is a really cold day, but that is no excuse for offensive fashion.  Seriously, if the fashion police got a hold of you, you would definitely get twenty-five to life.  Stick with a palette of two to three colors with only one eye-popping color and lose the fez.  The only thing I’m okay with is your shoes, and even those don’t exactly thrill me.


Fashion Fab

This man is definitely in the fashion forefront of street style with an outfit that screams bad boy from top to bottom.  It is refreshing to see that a man does not need to wear a suit and tie to have style.  The power in this outfit lies in the harshness of his multitude of accessories, which include several chains around his neck and one dangling from his waist, a scorpion belt, silver spiked bracers and pitch black, edgy goggles that amps the mystery of this modern urban warrior.  All these accessories adorn an all black outfit and sturdy combat boots.  His sleeveless black hoody with the silver zipper pulls the ensemble together nicely.  When asked, he identified himself as Stryker from the music group Millennium. Figures.


Faux Pas

I admire your um, creativity.  Speaking honestly, your outfit is a cross between Japanese sixth grader and Beetlejuice.  Please stop flashing the peace sign at me because your get-up just screams crazy and the peace sign is only helping that image.  You can pick one item from your outfit, but only one, such as your skirt, top or coat.  Then go home and rebuild your outfit from that, using complimentary color tones.  Now run along before anyone else sees you.


Fashion Fab

This is an example of how you can still have style even on a chilly day.  The dark chocolate leather jacket and dark, not-too-skinny jeans display functionality in keeping one’s self warm.  But to keep this from looking like a 1980’s Jordache ad is the fact that his rolled up jeans peek just above his slightly worn-looking brown leather shoes and his matching leather belt is casually untucked at the end.  Strangely, the full red scarf that he has perfectly tied around his neck and tucked into his jacket is not de-masculating in any way.  It is actually a refreshing break from his attire, which is entirely made of leather and jeans.  And the final piece is a tan colored leather pack that states that he does not care to be too matchy-matchy with his ensemble.


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