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By Jason Fitzer

From television to cable to the Internet- the next stage for media providers is becoming clear.  Currently several big media companies are struggling with this change in their desire, and perhaps stubbornness, to keep their television or cable empires intact.  However, it is an undeniable fact that more and more people are now turning to the Internet for their movies, TV shows, sports programming and music. Not only is it more convenient- they can access it anytime, anywhere- but it is much cheaper as well. The trend towards how people are accessing media is evident. Sensing this gigantic shift, some media providers have begun creating online divisions (albeit modest divisions) to their network.  Then there are the rare few who have dared to defy the old model completely and have made a bold switch to providing their media content exclusively online.  In January of this year, Vince McMahon, CEO of the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), announced the launch of his WWE Network, which streams 24/7 content to Internet viewers for a small fee per month. This risky move could alienate McMahon’s traditional television partners and cannibalize his existing pay-per-view customers. However, it also has the potential to boost revenue and greatly reduce costs over the long term.

One month prior to McMahon’s announcement, James McCalister, CEO of the syndicated news company Marquix Global Network (MGN), also announced the big switch from their current television-based model to an exclusive Internet-based delivery model. Unorthodox moves or what’s known in the entertainment industry as ‘going over the top’ is McCalister’s modus operandi. Although MGN’s mission is to provide the latest developments in a wide range of current events- world news, science & technology, health, entertainment and lifestyle- McCalister admits that he has a passion for entertainment.  In preparation for the launch of their beta site, executive producer Warren Mills and his team have put together a music segment for MGN titled ‘Who’s Hot in Music in 2014’, which introduces a roster of new artists to viewers including Amanda Markley, Nicky Barot, Millennium, Shattrholik, Sol Romero, OneSixTwo and other rising stars.

When asked whether or not he was worried that the complete switch to Internet content delivery might flop, McCalister responded, ‘All explorers, adventurers and trailblazers worry about the path that lies before them, but it doesn’t mean you don’t press forward.’


December 13, 2017 @02:55 pm - Masharow
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