How To Look Good For A Video Shoot

By Alessandra Clarence

Whether it is a music video, a company holiday party, or your best friend’s wedding, there is more to looking your best on the big day than make-up, a manicure and a hot dress.  In fact, the clock begins ticking at least one week before the event.  I am not talking about any radical diets or extreme exercise programs, which may zap your energy and have you feeling moody, stressed or groggy.  The idea is that you should enjoy the occasion to the fullest and of course, look amazing at the same time.  We turned to Sapphire, singer for pop rock group Millennium and the mistress of transformation for a few tips on how she prepares for video shoots.


Do you look forward to video shoots or do you dread them?

I actually welcome them because it’s a chance to get your body on track again just in case you haven’t been eating the best foods, working out as much as you should or not getting enough sleep.  I see the shoots as a reminder that I need to take care of my body.  The most expensive makeup artist and lighting and camera equipment cannot make you look well rested, vibrant or healthy.

So what is the first step to fabulous?

At least one week before the shoot, I begin to be aware of what I normally eat and drink on a daily basis and make sure to cut out all the naughty stuff.  We all have our weaknesses.  For me, it is flavored lattes, cheese and desserts.  This first step is an exercise in restraint. 

And what are the next steps?

The steps that follow require me to be a little more proactive:

- I step up my usual workout regimen by going to the gym an extra two days that week, staying for an hour longer than normal, and using weights that are at least 5-10 lbs. more than I’m used to.  Working out with my partner in crime, Stryker, is key to keeping me focused and determined.  I also take fitness classes that are one level more difficult than I normally take.

- I have chicken breast or fish the week up to the shoot, rather than having other dishes like pasta or beef with rich sauces.  I also consciously eat more veggies and fruit.

- I drink water all throughout the day and while I am having my meals to keep me from overeating.

- I make it a point to get 8 hours of sleep every night.  If I am not able to get 8 hours, I take a nap or make sure I get some physical rest the next day.

That doesn’t seem too bad.  And what do you do on the day of?

Video shoots have been known to last 20 hours straight.  I have a big breakfast, a large cup of dark roast coffee and treat the day like one big adventure.  I feel like the hard work is now behind me and now I only need to focus on being present, being genuine for the camera and having fun!


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