CEO of Radio Conglomerate Makes A Power Move
By Adrian Freeman
June 6, 2014 

Most athletes, trainers, boxers and even martial artists will say that most of your power is concentrated at the core. Grant Percy, Chairman and CEO of the international Power FM radio conglomerate will probably tell you different.  Earlier this February, Percy announced that several of his affiliated radio stations will break away from the traditional radio broadcasting to spearhead the new Power FM online division.  The Power FM stations involved in this initiative include San Francisco, Boston, Rome, Paris, Manila and potentially others. If all goes well, Percy will also announce several collaborations with key music content providers by the fourth quarter 2014. These collaborations are designed to infuse the network with fresh new music.

‘There are innumerable benefits to Internet radio over traditional terrestrial radio broadcasting,’ states Percy.  'Through the web, we can provide a greater variety of music, better sound quality and reach listeners all across the globe.  And now that mobile technology allows listeners to bring their favorite stations with them into their cars, gyms, homes, coffee houses or anywhere, I believe it is only a matter of time before all of the terrestrial radio broadcasters make the logical leap to the web. I am both excited and eager to make this transition happen.’ 

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