10 Naughty Things To Do For A Happier Life                                          
By Lorilei Alexander

Usually people associate the word naughty with an action that is either mischievous or indecent and that could get you into trouble.  Well here is a list of ten things that are currently considered naughty but are actually really good for you.  Over time, I bet others will adopt this naughty list and perhaps even add a few new items of their own.

1.  Have make-up sex every time.  You should be getting busy at least a couple of times a week anyway.  Sex boosts your immunity, lowers your blood pressure, reduces anxiety and the best part is that it counts as exercise.  So why not head to the bedroom after a little lover’s quarrel?  You’ll get all of the above benefits, plus it will make you feel emotionally closer to your mate in short order.

2.  Eat the thing that you crave most.  Stop denying that voice in your head that is yearning for cookies or other prohibited treats.  Depriving yourself will only make you irritable, lead to more cravings and eventually cause you to break your strict diet for good because you are miserable.  Occasional ‘cheating’ on your diet can actually positively stimulate your thyroid and rev up your metabolism.  Feel free to indulge in your favorite treat once in a while, particularly when that cookie monster inside is getting more earnest.  Take a cue from these artists who clearly stay fit but have no compunctions about hitting fast food row https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PX0ZxbvVDPA.

3.  Drink every day.  This should not be read as ‘get drunk every day’.  The alcohol in beer and wine helps stimulate liver antioxidant production, protects against heart disease and lowers the risk of hypertension.  Of all alcoholic beverages, red wine is the megastar.  It contains antioxidants such as resveratrol that have been shown to lengthen life span and reduce bad cholesterol.  So go ahead, kick back and enjoy a glass of wine at the end of the day with your meal.

4.  Have a real talk with someone, not just chit chat.  Find someone you have been meaning to spend some time with or would like to get to know better.  Have a real heart-to-heart conversation with them in which you really get to know them (i.e. no topic is off limits).  It is better to do it over a drink.  If you said something too offensive, you could always blame it on the liquor later.

5.  Clean out your closet and afterwards, reward yourself with a shopping trip.  It feels good to let go of things that you don’t use anymore.  Ask your siblings if they would want your old clothes or donate them.  Treat yourself to one new purchase for every five pieces you give away.  You deserve it.

6.  Walk around the house scantily clad (or naked) and whenever you pass your reflection gasp and say, ‘You’re hot!’  It is time to banish the negative self-talk.  In most cases, such talk is simply not true but if you repeat it long enough, you may start to believe it.  So tell yourself that you are amazing, brilliant and sexy every day.

7.  Take advantage of free stuff and act like you did them a favor.  Complimentary items can come in many forms, whether they are product samples, fitness classes, or a free bang trim.  Some people feel that there is always a catch attached to accepting these items.  But no one is going to force you to buy the full-sized product or join the gym on the spot.  So enjoy what they have to offer and don’t give it a second thought.

8.  Masturbate whenever the urge comes.   Studies show that ejaculating five times a week, whether by copulation or masturbation, reduces the risk of prostate cancer.  And for women, remember that sex carries a whole range of benefits- benefits that also include hormonal anti-aging effects.  Whoa, slow down!  At least finish reading the rest of this article first.

9.  If someone is getting on your nerves, tell them they have something stuck in their teeth.  Making them feel a little self-conscious will get them to retreat to their corner fast and gives them a chance to rethink their approach.  Sure it might be a little capricious, but if they’re in your face about something, then why not?

10.  Don’t answer your phone or email.  You are in control of your life- not others.  If things begin to feel more hectic than normal, do yourself a favor and unplug.  You can always listen to your messages and respond or delete them later after your sanity returns.

Have anything to add to the naughty list?  We’d like to hear from you.

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